About the Department


Empowering the citizens, government and businesses, by the means of information technology, to interact smoothly, contributing to economy, education, well-being, transparency and efficiency in the Kurdistan Region

KRG Department of IT (DIT) was established in March 2007 under the auspices of H.E the Prime Minister Nechirvan Barzani.

Located at the council of ministers, DIT leads the modernization of the KRG by the means of IT and ICT.

To drive technology in government and modernize public services, DIT operates within seven domains implementing the IT blueprint:

  1. IT Capacity in the region by the means of education and training
  2. Design and implement a connected and secure IT Infrastructure
  3. Provide clear IT Governance and leadership for government-wide programms and individual entity projects
  4. Create and share government-wide IT Applications, including utilities, data hubs and eServices
  5. Encourage IT Participation in order to nurture the emergence of a dynamic IT Industry, and raise the level of internet penetration in society
  6. Pursue the adoption of sound IT Policy enshrined in appropriate legislation, standards and regulations
  7. Ensure efficient and transparent mechanisms for IT Investment

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